Committee Meeting

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  1. Mike Spear Mike Spear says:

    I agree with Margaret we have some really good new LJs who would benefit from being selected for Semi’s and finals. I believe Kate has this sorted.

    On the recruitment front can we ask BE if we could have an opportunity to have a recruitment stall in the foyer for AE. I’m sure we could use a training video for people to make the call

  2. Kate Rowlatt Kate Rowlatt says:

    We can only select people for semi / finals if they express an interest in doing them. Many dont put their names forward as there is alot of waiting around for few mstches or would prefer to have the weekend with their families.

  3. Abby Kumar Abby Kumar says:

    In my report I have highlighted the need for organising training courses in areas where future major events will be held. I discussed the matter with Kate yesterday. Two such areas are Sheffield, where the International Para event will be held in 2023, and Birmingham, where the All England Juniors will (hopefully) become an annual event from 2023. I will contact Mark Downie to ask for a Zoom meeting asap with Kate and myself to discuss what help BE can give us. I will suggest that they ask Regional Officers to help with recruitment.
    Kate suggested that we contact the umpires association to enquire whether it would it would be possible for them to advise those who didn’t pass the umpire course to contact the BLJAofE if they wished to try another line of officiating. I will contact Martin Davis and Ian Collett to discuss this.

  4. Vicky Hatton Vicky Hatton says:

    This is such an important topic and one where we really must take some action. The umpires are in a similar position, albeit very slightly ahead of us in taking some action to address the issue, and it’s worth reading across to what they have been doing, either to learn what might work, or even to join forces where appropriate.
    As this topic has been raised, I think we should keep the momentum up and try and organise a short Zoom discussion specifically covering this area (say 30 mins one evening?) for those who have some ideas and/or want to get involved

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