Line Judge Training Courses

Below is a list of the current and completed Line Judge Training Courses, along with location, date and contact points.

If you are not a qualified Line Judge of our Association and are interested in participating in a course to become qualified, please click the Register link, below, for the course you wish to attend.
Our Training Leader will be sent an email with your details, which you will be copied on, and we will be in touch soon. 

Current Line Judge Courses

DateCityLocationContact NameStatus


Completed Line Judge Training Courses – For Information Only

DateCityLocationContact NameStatus
21 April 2024LoughboroughUniversityGerry LewcockCancelled
3 March 2024Wimbledon, LondonWimbledon Racquets & Fitness ClubGerry LewcockCompleted
1 October 2023Wimbledon, LondonWimbledon Racquets & Fitness ClubGerry LewcockCancelled
10 September 2023LeicesterBabington AcademyGerry LewcockCancelled
17 June 2023SheffieldEnglish Institute of SportKate RowlattCompleted
30 April 2023LeicesterBabington AcademyGerry LewcockCompleted
10 December 2022SheffieldEnglish Institute of SportKate RowlattCompleted
25 September 2022LeicesterBabington AcademyGerry LewcockCompleted
15 May 2022LeicesterBabington AcademyGerry LewcockCompleted