2022 All England – Invitation to apply for Mgr & Deputy Mgr roles

All England Badminton Championships – 16th-20th March 2022


Job Purpose

To select & manage the line judges at the All England Championships 2022 on behalf of the BLJAE.


Duties and Responsibilities

Manager of Line Judges

  • Liaising with Badminton England prior to the event to determine the court arrangements, scheduling and required numbers of line judges;
  • Liaising with the BLJAE Committee/keeping it updated on progress.
  • Issuing of invitations to Members in a timely manner to allow sufficient notice for them to make arrangements to attend the event;
  • Selection of the required number of line judges, and informing them of their selection;
  • Attending key worker meetings as required;
  • Arranging for entry letters to the event;
  • Organising groups, appointing team leaders at the event;
  • Arriving before the start of the tournament (day before) to ensure the court set up is suitable and chairs can fit in where they should;
  • Briefing the line judges before the start of play on a daily basis;
  • Attending meetings at the event as required. At the All England there is usually a meeting every evening;
  • Liaising with Badminton England, Referee, and Manager of Umpires during the tournament as required;
  • To carry out any duty during the event as determined by the Manager.


Deputy Manager of Line Judges

The Deputy Manager shall support the manager as required, attending meetings with or instead of the Manager and standing in for the Manager in his/her absence. This position could be a job share, so as to allow maximum support and flexibility for the Manager, both in the work to be carried out before , and during the event. 


Qualifications required for management role

All candidates must:

  • have hands-on experience of organising major tournaments;
  • have a good knowledge of the Members of the BLJAE
  • have excellent interpersonal skills;
  • be prepared to put in the hard work necessary before the event, and during the event;
  • be prepared and able to develop close working relationships with Badminton England.

If you would like to apply for one or more of the positions please contact Martin Etheridge , with your full details as to how you fulfil the requirements of the position for which you are applying.

All applications must be submitted by 17th June 2021.

Martin Etheridge
Hon Secretary

5 Responses

  1. I would like the same team as 2021. They worked well and efficiently

  2. says:

    I would like to apply for the position of Deputy Manager because I believe that I have all the relevant experience required for this position.

    I have knowledge of the BLJA members as I have been on the Committee for several years.

  3. May the best team win, which if previous years is anything to go by, they certainly will

  4. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    We have a winning formula.