2022 – Autumn Newsletter

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7 Responses

  1. Anne Spencer Anne Spencer says:

    As usual an excellent news letter – thanks Anne M
    Anne S

  2. Paul Kodiatt Paul Kodiatt says:

    Excellent News Letter…Thank you..

  3. Chen Cheng Chen Cheng says:

    Thanks Anne. Does anyone know what brand were the synthetic feather shuttles used for the BWF tournaments?

    I like the idea of synthetic feather shuttles but haven’t found any that have been close enough to feathers for feel/flight.

  4. Anne Morden Anne Morden says:

    Yonex were the ones developed and approved with BWF so i assume they are the ones that would be used in BWF approved events. The shuttles do look very much like feather ones.
    Anne Morden

  5. Tony Godfrey Tony Godfrey says:

    Interesting article on artificial shuttles, but I wouldn’t be keen on making the goose redundant!

  6. Vinay Kumar Vinay Kumar says:

    Thanks for sharing the news letter. Interesting topic about the sustainability of shuttles. Glad to know that badminton world is thinking and putting things into motion to make this sport more sustainable and economical.

    Change in right direction is good, although I agree on the point of difference in feel and trajectory. However if this change allows more clubs to survive and continue to play, it should be welcomed and promoted whole heartedly.

  7. Marilyn Bray Marilyn Bray says:

    Better late than never to respond but as usual great newsletter. Birmingham did look wonderful snd I said to myself while watching that I hoped it was better organised than Glasgow which Horace touched on in his report. I was in the player info area amid reams of unnecessary paperwork that no team ever collected, the food was awful and i never saw any live badminton. That said. GLASGOW made the hassle well worth it, i met some great folk and thanks to Davina we had a lovely place to stay!!