2023 AGM Reminder

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8 Responses

  1. Please register my apologies for the A G M as I will be away on holiday at that time

  2. Andrew Elias Andrew Elias says:

    Can you ‘register apologies’ here or is it still best done as an email to the Secretary?? I need to offer up ‘possible apologies’ as I’ll be on Line-Judging on BLJAE duties at the Semi Finals of the Polish Open … and may only be able to attend part{s} of the meeting … and that’s only if schedules/timings permit?! I’ll do my best though with a laptop in the Officials Room, etc?!

  3. Please send my apologies as I will be away that weekend

  4. Hi,
    It is just an idea . Could you not put the nomination date at the All England , it gives time for all attending the AE to have a chat and discuss the requirements from the experienced personnel. We all have phones and can express interest if they want.

  5. Anne Spencer Anne Spencer says:

    have a good AGM Please accept my apologies for not taking part.
    Anne Spencer.

  6. John Earney John Earney says:

    Please register my apologies as I will be overseeing a junior badminton event

  7. Tom Cantle Tom Cantle says:

    My apology but i cannot attend the AGM. We (Berkshire old Age pensioners) have a county match at Kent on that day. We will be en route at this time . I trust the AGM goes well.