Announcement: Honorary Vice President to the BLJAE

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26 Responses

  1. Well deserved, congratulations Abby

  2. craig muir craig muir says:

    Congratulations, Abby. So we’ll deserved

  3. Tony Godfrey Tony Godfrey says:

    Congrats. Keep us all on track.

  4. Sue Mobsby Sue Mobsby says:

    Many congratulations Abby. This is a small recognition of all that you have done for badminton and us. Thank you!

  5. Congrats Abby

  6. Akbar ali Akbar ali says:

    Well done and congrates Abby, the service and support over the years

  7. Karen Macrae Karen Macrae says:

    Huge congratulations, Abby.

  8. Sue Baker Sue Baker says:

    Many congratulations Abby. Well deserved.

  9. Marilyn Bray Marilyn Bray says:

    Congratulations Abby. well deserved.

  10. Dionne Curd Dionne Curd says:

    Absolutely fabulous news Abby. Well done. Well deserved. You have been such a blessing to me . Thanks again for all your encouragement !! Blessings to you for the future

  11. That’s wonderful Abby. Well done 🙂

  12. Congratulations Abby. It is so well deserved for such a special person who offers himself tirelessly to Badminton, and also to all of us that work with you.

    Well deserved.

  13. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    Many congratulations Abby, you’re an example to us all.

  14. Tom Cantle Tom Cantle says:

    A fitting award Abby. Congratulations

  15. Chen Cheng Chen Cheng says:

    Congrats Abby, well deserved.

  16. George Koshy George Koshy says:

    Fantastic news, Congratulations Abby!!!

  17. Mike Spear Mike Spear says:

    Congratulations Abby, well deserved. Thank you for all you have done for the association and the help you’ve given me personally

  18. Many congratulations Abby, really pleased for you, well deserved

  19. Keith Tovey Keith Tovey says:

    Congratulations Abby, very fitting and well deserved.

  20. John Miskin John Miskin says:

    A well deserved appointment recognising all the work you have done for Line Judges.

  21. Andrew Elias Andrew Elias says:

    Hey Abby – pleased to read the news about your new BLJAofE appointment and that you’ll be ‘keeping a watchful eye’ over your many friends here!

  22. Don Bullough Don Bullough says:

    Fantastic appointment. Abby, there’s no getting away…

  23. Andy Baxter Andy Baxter says:

    Great news Abby. I am so pleased that you are still with us. Congratulations, a well deserved appointment.

  24. John Earney John Earney says:

    Well done from all at Wiltshire

  25. Abby Kumar Abby Kumar says:

    Dear friends, thank you so much for your really kind words. I was overwhelmed to read your lovely messages. Thank you all for appointing me as Hon Vice President of our Association, and I accept this as a great honour. The BLJAofE has been a huge part of my badminton life and this appointment will enable me to keep in touch with the affairs of the Association, and with all the great friends I have. Life continues to be busy for me in caring for my wife, and this appointment has been a wonderful morale booster for me.
    Thank you my dear friends.

  26. Fantastic news Abby! You have added so much value to the Line Judge Association, and it is an honour to know you as a friend. Congratulations!!