International Event Selection Criteria

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  1. Andrew Elias Andrew Elias says:

    I can see where you’re going with this and think it’s a good idea but please could you/The Committee clarify :
    When you say “must have done at least 2 domestic events in the YEAR preceding the deadline date” do you mean ‘Calendar Year’ or 12 Month Period, i.e. if say I Line Judged at 2 x domestic’s in May and July 2023, does that cover me to apply for any Europeans throughout the whole of 2024 … or only up until the end of July 2024??

  2. Andrew Elias Andrew Elias says:

    Quick follow up question : some events are “International” in terms of players but ‘Domestic’ in terms of location. For example, how would you classify these two events from 2023 : 1 – The All England JUNIOR in Birmingham : 2 – The World Team QUALIFYING in Milton Keynes : Do either/both count towards the “must have done at least 2 domestic events in the year preceding the deadline date for application for that event” rule??

    • Dear Andrew,

      You raise an interesting question, so the Committee will discuss it at our Committee Meeting at the end of January and provide a more detailed and definitive criteria.