Basic Umpiring Class for LJs Test

Basic Umpiring Class for LJs Test

Welcome to the Basic Umpiring Class for Line Judges Test - 26/05/2024

There are 40 questions.
Select True or False for each.
You can review your answers and change any answer at any time.
This maximum time allowed for this Test is 20 mins.

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You are the line judge.  All the lines are outside the boundary of the court?


You are the line judge on the base line. The shuttle lands short of the base line but outside the long side-line. Your signal and/or call is ‘In’?


You are the line judge. The shuttle strikes the player's racket on your side of the court and lands outside the boundary of the court on the line you are responsible for. Your call is Out?


You make a call and the player on your side of the net swears at you. You avoid eye contact with the player and look at the umpire?


As a Line Judge you indicate that you were unsighted; the Umpire can make the decision as to whether the shuttle was in or out?


The side winning the toss chooses to start from the Umpire's left-hand side. The side that lost the toss must serve?


Shuttles may be modified by players to alter their speed during the match?


If the score reaches 20 all, the game may be set to 3 points?


If both the server and receiver are faulted at the same time it is a let?


When players omit to change ends at the correct time they shall do so immediately after the mistake is discovered and the existing score shall stand?


If, during a rally, the shuttle after passing over the net is caught in the net the umpire calls Let?


If, during a serve, the shuttle after passing over the net is caught in the net the umpire calls Let?


If the server, in attempting to serve, misses the shuttle, the umpire calls Let?


If the man serves first in a game of mixed doubles the umpire lets the players continue with the match?


If, during a rally, another shuttle comes on to the court the umpire always calls Let?


If the shuttle is hit by a player’s racquet head and the stringed area in one stroke, the umpire calls Fault?


If the cork separates from the feathers of a shuttle during a rally the umpire calls Let?


The intervals available to players during a match are either 60 or 120 seconds?


It is a Let if the shuttle touches the roof of a building?


If a shuttle ‘folds’ when smashed it is a Let?


Play continues if a player accidentally kicks a net post during a rally?


If, during a rally, the shuttle passes outside the post and lands in on the other side of the net it is a legal shot?


The umpire is the sole judge of any delay in play?


A player's racquet may never cross the net?


The server may stand on, but not outside, the boundary lines of the service court to serve?


You are a service judge. The lines are always part of the court?


The correct announcement when the serving side win the rally that would result in a score of 20-12 in the second game of a match is either ‘20 game point 12’ or ‘20 match point 12’?


The serving side wins the rally but before the next service it is discovered that the server has served from the wrong service court. The umpire must make the players serve from the same court for the next service?


The serving side wins the rally but before the next service it is discovered that the wrong player served. The umpire must correct things by requiring the shuttle to be passed to the other player for the next serve?


The first forward movement of the server’s racket head defines the start of the service?


Player A hits the shuttle; it hits the net on his own side of the court and starts to fall. Player B on the other side comes in and hits the net and then the shuttle with his racquet thinking the shuttle had fallen on his own side of the net. Player A must lose the rally in this situation?


Coaching is allowed at any time during a match?


There are occasions when can a player leave the court during a match without the umpire’s permission?


A player disputes a decision of the umpire and asks for the referee. The umpire must accede to the player’s request in this situation?


The players can agree the speed of shuttle to be used in a match?


A shuttle may be changed during a match if both players agree?


A server can be faulted by the Service Judge for seven different reasons whilst serving?


The laid down duties of a service judge are simply calling faults?


An umpire can replace a service judge?


An umpire can replace a line judge?

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