Sad News – Kong Susanto


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  1. A lovely gentleman, who I became good friends with as we did the same LJ Training Course in October 2012, and we both loved our gadgets.
    I shared many AE and other tournaments with him, always a great pleasure to see Kong.
    I was sorry to see him leave us for the USA, and now he is no longer with us, I miss him even more 🙁
    I know his laughter and infectious smile will be missed by all the LJs & Umpires that knew him.
    RIP my dear friend, you left us far too early!

  2. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    So sorry to hear the sad news, he always has a smile when we meet and chat, my condolences to all the family.

    • George Koshy George Koshy says:

      So sad to hear this. Had more than one dinner with him in Akbar’s , he always had a smile and handled his spice well. May he rest in peace….

  3. says:

    Very saddened and shocked to hear the sad news about Kong especially as he was a still relatively young person. . He was trained by myself and Abby at Wimbledon in 2012 and went on to attend many events as described by Abby and became a valued member of our Line Judge family..

    I will miss my chats and laughs with him which we had when we met at events as he was a very likable and easy going person and always greeted you with a smile.. On the professional side, he had a doctorate in Computer Science so we would also enjoy our in depth technical chats on occasions.

    It was a pleasure to have known Kong and he will be greatly missed by all that have known him.

    R.I.P. My Friend
    National Training Co-ordinator BLJA of E

  4. Mike Spear Mike Spear says:

    Very sad news and taken far too young. As already said he was a lovely and smiley person.

    RIP Kong you will be missed by many

  5. Rajesh Rahul Rajesh Rahul says:

    I am so sad to hear of the passing of dear Kong, such a lovely man always smiling and laughing at my silly jokes and teasing. Always made the AEO fun place be. You are in my thoughts buddy, love goes out to the family, Rest up.

  6. A great shock to hear Kong had passed away, he was the perfect gentleman and a delightful person to have as a friend.
    Wonderful conversations.
    I cannot believe it was 2019 when we sat together watching the finals of All England, that was the last time we met.
    Rest in peace Kong you have left a lasting legacy behind you and inspired so many.
    Sadly missed I will always remember your smile.

  7. Paul Kodiatt Paul Kodiatt says:

    Very sad to hear this. RIP my friend…

  8. Dionne Curd Dionne Curd says:

    My condolescences to the family. Gods peace be with u during this tough time xx

  9. Tim Leakey Tim Leakey says:

    Such a shock to hear this sad news about Kong – he was always so jolly, laughing and joking. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

  10. Janet Smith Janet Smith says:

    Lovely friendly guy. RIP

  11. RIP Susanto. It always nice to having a chat at badminton events as a line judge and umpire. Will miss. May God bless your soul. xxx

  12. Don Bullough Don Bullough says:

    Like everyone else, so sad to hear this news – Kong was such a delightful character.