Shuttle Watchers on Eggheads


Some people may have noticed the “Eggheads” Quiz Show is back on our TV screens.


Many of you already know that earlier this year an intrepid team of BLJAofE Members were selected to challenge the Eggheads, and I’m pleased to report that our “Shuttle Watchers” episode is due to be broadcast next week on Wed 13th October, on Channel 5 at 6.30pm.

Not going to either hype this up … or talk it down … you’ll just have to tune in to see how we did, lol?! 🙂

Andrew Ellias

2 Responses

  1. says:

    I’ll be spreading the word, & have set it to record on the day. Looking forwards to seeing the team do well.

  2. Brussy famous Did !!!!! You !!!! Do !!!!! Well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done all of you , at lest you were on TV I am looking forward to see how Tim Andrew, Anne and Simon give answer Vow.