Subsidy announcement for the 2023 All England Juniors

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  1. Andrew Elias Andrew Elias says:

    Looks good but the announcement above leads to a couple of queries : 1 : Can you claim the 0.15p/mile if you are travelling by either Train and/or Coach?? … and 2 : Who’s doing the ‘pairing up’ for the Twin Rooms at the Ibis Styles??. I mean, we can’t really do it ourselves as we don’t know who’s actually been selected yet so can we assume the Line Judge Manager will do this and we can just put in our EOI’s on the BLJAE Website and the ‘Hotel Twins’ can be sorted out later??

  2. I don’t know if the above comment is serious, or tongue in cheek – but I have never known of mileage being claimed or paid when travelling by train and/or coach, and I have made many claims for mileage when travelling by car – for work as well as other events. Whether you can claim expenses towards your coach or train tickets is something you will have to discuss

    Also, I have never had a problem when being paired up with someone for hotel accommodation – if you don’t want to take your chances, then book your own accommodation.
    I’m sorry, but Margaret and the team do a fantastic job and to give them more headaches is not fair on them

    • Andrew Elias Andrew Elias says:

      In past years I’ve received a payment of £15 ‘per journey’ in relation to Travel Expenses for getting to/from Birmingham for the All England on the coach/train. Thought occurs there might be something similar on offer for the Junior All England, which might even be ‘mileage based’?! Re ‘Hotels’ – I too have never had a problem being paired up with someone – but at the All England people do often make their own arrangements to ‘buddy up’ to save money – and I was just wondering how this MIGHT work if you don’t know who’s been selected until a few weeks before the event?? So I’d say these queries were proper ones rather than ‘tongue in cheek’ … and I’ll wait for Kate’s ‘official’ response?!

  3. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    Most of the hotels do not have twin bed rooms

  4. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    If you find a hotel which is £45 per night, do you then get the full £45.