Life Membership – Margaret Redfern


Citation for Award of Life Membership of BLJAofE to Margaret Redfern

It is my pleasant duty to make an award of Life Membership of the BLJAofE to one of our most dedicated members. The Committee has decided to make this award and we will now seek the approval of the members present at this meeting to support the recommendation.

I am referring to Margaret Redfern, who was one of a small group of people who joined John Alexander in forming the Badminton Line Judges Association of England. The first meeting of the Association took place at the All England in March 1996. Margaret took on the role of Treasurer, and she is still doing the job after 25 years. The Committee work starting from those early years was instrumental in getting our members the benefits and recognition we have now. In her role as Treasurer, she has to deal with the hotel bookings for the All England, collect payments, pay the accommodation subsidy to the members, and account for all the transactions. She also deals with the membership fees, and I know that this is really a very exacting task, constantly chasing people for payment. She also pays out the attendance subsidy for domestic events. The sums involved in all these transactions is considerable, in 5 figures, and it is a great responsibility to manage these amounts of money. Margaret has done all this for 25 years, and with great efficiency. In addition to these responsibilities, Margaret also has taken on other Committee responsibilities and she is now chair of the International Events sub-committee, communicating with the membership when invitations are received from European associations, as well as from other Home Nations, and then being involved in the selection process.

Margaret has done a lot of work for para-badminton, and in 2015 she managed the line judges for the Para Badminton World Championships at Stoke Mandeville. She has also attended events all over Europe and helped to manage events in Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Her contribution to the running of the BLJAofE has been truly outstanding, as is her contribution to badminton in general. It therefore gives me great pleasure to ask the meeting to approve the Committee recommendation of Life Membership to Margaret Redfern.

Abby Kumar
President, BLJAofE

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  1. Very much deserved. Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of myself and all members.

  2. Many congratulations Margaret, a truly well deserved award for one of the major contributors to our association for such a long time.

  3. says:

    Since I have known Margaret she has always been dedicated to Badminton in officiating as an Umpire, Line Judge and a dedicated supporter of Para Badminton which she is passionate about.The workload Margaret carries out for the association can sometimes be similar to having a full time job

    I remember a couple of occasions when I was Line Judging with Margaret on the same team with me being in front in the line up however this may have been the first time that I had to experience a forced “Social Distancing”. LOL

    Keep going Margaret your input to our sport and association is greatly appreciated.

  4. Mavis Bryan Mavis Bryan says:

    Mavis Bryan
    Many Congratulations Margaret, your contribution to our Association has been outstanding in so many ways, from the humble beginnings when we had to boost our finances with the raffles at the All England Championships through the fight to get grants and sponsorship, every battle won just adding to your workload. You took it all in your stride. Your dedication did. not end there, Abby has mentioned many of these in your citation but I would like to add my thanks for the encouragement you gave to young members and finally for your friendship and all the laughter we shared along the way.

  5. Anne Spencer Anne Spencer says:

    I am pleased for you Margaret, an acknowledgement well deserved.
    Anne Spencer.

  6. A well deserved tribute to a lovely lady. Congratulations Margaret, I am so pleased for you

  7. Kevin OBrien Kevin OBrien says:

    I’ve only been a line judge for a handful of years and don’t know Margaret as well as many of the members, but I’ve had first hand experience of not only what an asset she is to our Association, but what kind of person she is as well.

    A couple of years ago I had been selected to go to Denmark, my first overseas tournament and something I was very much looking forward to. Sadly, a couple of weeks before, there was a personal tragedy in my then partners family and I didn’t feel it appropriate to leave her and her children at such an emotional time.

    I was obviously disappointed not to be going to Denmark but also aware of how close to the event I was having to back out.

    Margaret made me feel very comfortable with this, took care of notifying the Danish Association and took everything out of my hands in terms of anything that needed to be done. It was a real weight lifted at a difficult time and certainly something I won’t forget.

    I’m sure there are more spectacular stories around Margaret over the years, but on a personal note this is something I will always thank Margaret for. Congrats on our recognition Margaret. Well deserved.

  8. says:

    Margaret I was very pleased to see you receive Hon Life Membership at the AGM. You have worked tirelessly for the Association over many years and this recognition is well deserved.

  9. John Walsh John Walsh says:

    Congratulations Margaret well deserved for all your hard work.

  10. Janet Smith Janet Smith says:

    Congratulations Margaret. Thanks for all the time, dedication and energy you have contributed. A well-deserved award. Jan

  11. Ajay Shah Ajay Shah says:

    Congratulations Margaret. A well deserved recognition for all hard work over past many years.

  12. Anne Morden Anne Morden says:

    Well done Margaret. I have always wondered how you managed to keep going all these years in what I consider to be the most difficult post on a committee. You have shown incredible dedication to the Association and badminton in general. Your love of parabadminton has been plain to everyone and you have done some great work in helping to raise its profile. We have had some fun times at events including overseas ones. The last was in Austria where we had an enjoyable time sharing a room. This is a well deserved award and I am glad to know that you won’t have to collect your own fees anymore.

  13. says:

    This is truly a well deserved recognition, Margaret ! Heartfelt Congratulations ! I may add that you are renowned well over the UK (or should I say Welsh ?) borders, and for many line judges (and umpires) across Europe, your name is forever linked to the All England event …

    Congrats again !

  14. Congratulations Margaret. A well deserved recognition for all hard work over past many years . well deserve she work hard last 25 year.

  15. says:

    Congratulations Margaret. This award is well deserved recognition for all your voluntary work for the and behalf of the Association.

  16. David Dodds David Dodds says:

    Congratulations Margaret. Well Deserved award
    Services to Badminton very much apreciated

  17. says:

    From Kaushik Raja:
    “It’s the best ever present awarded to the most well deserved and a worthy winner of all time. Margaret well and truly deserved such an accolade for an invaluable contribution to the association over the years. I wish her all the very best for her future career years ahead with the association”.

  18. Carol Webb Carol Webb says:

    Dear Margaret
    Well done and deserved.
    From Pam, Grace and Carol xxx and ((Hugs))

  19. Andy Baxter Andy Baxter says:

    This is a truly deserved recognition for your tireless effort over the years congratulations are definitely in order.You have shown commitment over and above the requirements. You deal with people with friendship, compassion and empathy.
    I am please to know you as my friend.
    Beat wishes
    Andy x