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  1. Very nice article, thanks Gloria

  2. Thanks Gloria, sounds like despite the restrictions of this strange new world you had a good time.

  3. Congratulations ladies. Well deserved selection following your hard work with the All England.

  4. Kevin OBrien Kevin OBrien says:

    Nice one ladies. Like the Charlie’s Angels of line judging!!

  5. Kevin OBrien Kevin OBrien says:

    Well done everyone, I’m in good company!!

  6. Andy Baxter Andy Baxter says:

    Congratulations to Vicky Kate and Suzanne for your Commonwealth appointments. The badminton tournament is in safe hands

  7. Andy Baxter Andy Baxter says:

    Great report Suzanne!
    I feel the same way as you about the All Englands.
    It is the Badminton world’s Wimbledon of Tennis
    This tournament is where all of the very best players in the world are desperate to win this Trophy.
    I feel very lucky that this prestigious event is held in England.
    To be selected is real pleasure for me,and fills me with pride to work with and be a part of our fabulous Line Judging Team.

  8. Did those who wear glasses find it problematic having to wear face masks in terms of ‘fogging up’?.

  9. This is indeed very sad news. I first met Dr John B Alexander in 1989, where I asked for his help to Line Judge at the All England, Wembley Arena in London. He was very helpful, and I worked with him for 5 years when I first line judged.
    He was a strict manager, but a very kind man, and I was honoured to see him again a few years ago, and he remembered me, even after 20 plus years.
    RIP John.

  10. It was a pleasure working with John he was very dedicated to badminton, I remember our first meeting in Milton Keynes in a pub to form the association. John just asked for volunteers for the Secretary, Keith Lindsay. Treasurer Margaret Redfern and John was the Chairman that was the start of our association, The bank account was opened with 38 members paying £5 on 26th February 1996.
    So thank you John for your dedication which has been passed on to us to keep the association going from strength to strength. A dear friend . RIP

  11. I first met Dr. John Alexander when he selected me to attend the All England Championships probably 2010. He was well known for his lengthy, thorough briefings.
    I also remember him for being for kind and genuine.

  12. Marilyn Bray Marilyn Bray says:

    I met John through my late husband Allan, who was a member of John’s line judging team when I was volunteering as a steward. John needed somebody to help with getting game numbers and nameboards prepared for the line judges to take on to court with them, this was before the days of digital scoreboards, so I changed allegiance! Thoroughly enjoyed working with John at the All England and also once at Lancashire County championships at Ribby Hall. His dedication to badminton was remarkable. I remember one time at the AE, on the Saturday morning John went back to Manchester to sort out a problem we were having with the scoring cubes – long-standing members will know what I mean! He was back and we were up and running in time for the semi-finals. He also made the players’ name-boards mentioned above, with the router he used to cut them sharing his “office” at the NIA with all the paraphernalia he brought with him to make the team work. He even let me use his laptop, which at the time was a great privilege as there weren’t very many of them about. Thank you John for making my All England experiences so enjoyable and for your kindness to me over the years.

  13. Anne Spencer Anne Spencer says:

    Anne Spencer 26/03/2021..
    I met John in 1982 when he took over the job of Manageer of Line judges. He was a very clever shy guy who was, as others also say , dedicated to the sport. I worked as a score board operator , then a line judge and then as a court steward until I decided it was time to retire in about 2014. .

    When the BLJA was formed I became one of the original committee members and during the passing years many changes for the better came about many of which were down to Johns quiet efforts behind the scenes!

    Thank you John for your contribution to Badminton – I’ll miss my Christmas cards from you!!
    God go with you – rest in peace .

  14. Mavis Bryan Mavis Bryan says:

    Mavis Bryan
    I first met John at the 1993 World Championships in Birmingham. I had been recruited in a hotel swimming pool by Geoff Rofe who asked if I had volunteered, I asked what they needed, the reply was “We really need line judges and I have seen you line judge at friendly internationals”. An hour later John Gowers stuck a volunteer form in my hand and much to my surprise I was accepted. First day and I was so nervous, everyone else seemed to be very experienced – I had visions of doing everything wrong. Dr John was so kind and that was the start of our friendship. This was a true friendship; we didn’t always agree but we could respect each other’s point of view. John had a lovely sense of humour and a very generous nature. John’s dedication to Badminton was fantastic and untiring. R.I.P.

  15. I first met John at Wembley in the early 90’s and had a first taste of officiating as a scoreboard operator then as a Line Judge. I will always remember as Marilyn has said, John would be responsible for making the name boards and sticking them on with Blue Tack. On the funny side, sometimes during a match one of the name boards would come unstuck and drop off and have to be refitted.

    As Suzanne has mentioned John will also be remembered for his extensive LJ briefings with sometimes most of the briefing being dedicated to talking about the problems with generating the name boards or other problems which gave everyone an insight how much work was going on behind the scenes.

    Johns contribution to Badminton and also giving the opportunity for many Line Judges to attend major events remains a lasting tribute to him.

    Thank You for all you done over the years for our sport. RIP John

  16. Very much deserved. Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of myself and all members.

  17. Many congratulations Margaret, a truly well deserved award for one of the major contributors to our association for such a long time.

  18. Since I have known Margaret she has always been dedicated to Badminton in officiating as an Umpire, Line Judge and a dedicated supporter of Para Badminton which she is passionate about.The workload Margaret carries out for the association can sometimes be similar to having a full time job

    I remember a couple of occasions when I was Line Judging with Margaret on the same team with me being in front in the line up however this may have been the first time that I had to experience a forced “Social Distancing”. LOL

    Keep going Margaret your input to our sport and association is greatly appreciated.

  19. Mavis Bryan Mavis Bryan says:

    Mavis Bryan
    Many Congratulations Margaret, your contribution to our Association has been outstanding in so many ways, from the humble beginnings when we had to boost our finances with the raffles at the All England Championships through the fight to get grants and sponsorship, every battle won just adding to your workload. You took it all in your stride. Your dedication did. not end there, Abby has mentioned many of these in your citation but I would like to add my thanks for the encouragement you gave to young members and finally for your friendship and all the laughter we shared along the way.

  20. Anne Spencer Anne Spencer says:

    I am pleased for you Margaret, an acknowledgement well deserved.
    Anne Spencer.

  21. A well deserved tribute to a lovely lady. Congratulations Margaret, I am so pleased for you

  22. Kevin OBrien Kevin OBrien says:

    I’ve only been a line judge for a handful of years and don’t know Margaret as well as many of the members, but I’ve had first hand experience of not only what an asset she is to our Association, but what kind of person she is as well.

    A couple of years ago I had been selected to go to Denmark, my first overseas tournament and something I was very much looking forward to. Sadly, a couple of weeks before, there was a personal tragedy in my then partners family and I didn’t feel it appropriate to leave her and her children at such an emotional time.

    I was obviously disappointed not to be going to Denmark but also aware of how close to the event I was having to back out.

    Margaret made me feel very comfortable with this, took care of notifying the Danish Association and took everything out of my hands in terms of anything that needed to be done. It was a real weight lifted at a difficult time and certainly something I won’t forget.

    I’m sure there are more spectacular stories around Margaret over the years, but on a personal note this is something I will always thank Margaret for. Congrats on our recognition Margaret. Well deserved.

  23. Margaret I was very pleased to see you receive Hon Life Membership at the AGM. You have worked tirelessly for the Association over many years and this recognition is well deserved.

  24. Carol Webb Carol Webb says:

    What I remember about those crazy few years working with John as our leader. The ‘tiny room’ that he had to work how he managed I do not know! His fridge(!}, blue tac, yellow score boards, and everything else besides. Getting us to stand in height order when the silverware was presented to the winners, ( in those days we could – John’s idea). His meetings so early!!. The day the key to his room got lost. (Us oldies will remember that one).
    But I always remember John would look after us, made sure that we were ok and fought our corner.
    Thanks John for everyone you did.
    Rest in peace

  25. Congratulations to Kate and Suzanne, on an outstanding achievement in getting all things Line Judge related so correct, precise and successful.
    As members we are lucky to have such great leaders in our team, who are willing to put so much of their time into getting things right and accurate, and making the line judges lives easier, so they can focus on going out their and doing the business on court.

  26. John Walsh John Walsh says:

    Congratulations Margaret well deserved for all your hard work.

  27. Janet Smith Janet Smith says:

    Congratulations Margaret. Thanks for all the time, dedication and energy you have contributed. A well-deserved award. Jan

  28. Ajay Shah Ajay Shah says:

    Congratulations Margaret. A well deserved recognition for all hard work over past many years.

  29. Anne Morden Anne Morden says:

    Well done Margaret. I have always wondered how you managed to keep going all these years in what I consider to be the most difficult post on a committee. You have shown incredible dedication to the Association and badminton in general. Your love of parabadminton has been plain to everyone and you have done some great work in helping to raise its profile. We have had some fun times at events including overseas ones. The last was in Austria where we had an enjoyable time sharing a room. This is a well deserved award and I am glad to know that you won’t have to collect your own fees anymore.

  30. This is truly a well deserved recognition, Margaret ! Heartfelt Congratulations ! I may add that you are renowned well over the UK (or should I say Welsh ?) borders, and for many line judges (and umpires) across Europe, your name is forever linked to the All England event …

    Congrats again !

  31. Congratulations Margaret. A well deserved recognition for all hard work over past many years . well deserve she work hard last 25 year.

  32. says:

    Congratulations Margaret. This award is well deserved recognition for all your voluntary work for the and behalf of the Association.

  33. David Dodds David Dodds says:

    Congratulations Margaret. Well Deserved award
    Services to Badminton very much apreciated

  34. From Kaushik Raja:
    “It’s the best ever present awarded to the most well deserved and a worthy winner of all time. Margaret well and truly deserved such an accolade for an invaluable contribution to the association over the years. I wish her all the very best for her future career years ahead with the association”.

  35. Carol Webb Carol Webb says:

    Dear Margaret
    Well done and deserved.
    From Pam, Grace and Carol xxx and ((Hugs))

  36. Andy Baxter Andy Baxter says:

    This is a truly deserved recognition for your tireless effort over the years congratulations are definitely in order.You have shown commitment over and above the requirements. You deal with people with friendship, compassion and empathy.
    I am please to know you as my friend.
    Beat wishes
    Andy x

  37. Carol those were special memories to look back on that room was a disaster area but he knew where everything was.
    I remember cleaning up for him on many occasions BUT there was always food and drink if anyone need it.
    Also we were invited to a barbecue at John’s house one year endless food, he was special and very very clever.

  38. Carol Webb Carol Webb says:

    Yes Margaret ‘that room’ as you say memories ❤️

  39. Andy Baxter Andy Baxter says:

    A big thank you and congratulations are in order for a great team.
    Kate and Suzanne, You genuinely did a truly spectacular Job.
    Between you, in the middle of a pandemic you managed to pull off the most unusual AE competition our organisation has ever had to contend with.
    In your own inimitable way, you managed to fend off and deal with what ever was required for a seamless tournament.
    Covid protocols, and delayed test results, last minute change requests on procedures were still briefed efficiently and the teams of line judges, even though in isolation, were under no illusion what, when and where their responsibilities lay.
    Malcolm Banham summed it up in his thanks and emotional final brief on Finals day, When he brought the Umpires to us to applaud our effort and show that we are One Team.
    From a personal point of view. I am very proud to be a member of our team.
    Once again thank you for the tremendous amount of work that you put in over the whole of last year to make the AE happen.

  40. says:

    Thank you for the info.

  41. says:

    Thanks for he info.

  42. says:

    Excellent report Bhai Sab.
    Well done buddy, keep up the good work as always.

  43. Thank you Anne once again another wonderful newsletter. You evidently put a lot of time in presenting the association with such fantastic reading and information. Thank you again it is greatly appreciated.

  44. A brilliant newsletter, thank you

  45. Pam Paxton Pam Paxton says:

    What a great read, yet again. Thank you to all contributors and to Anne for putting it together. Really enjoyed reading about how the AE finally came together and the trials and tribulations.

    Congratulations to Margaret Redfern on her Life Membership. Thoroughly deserved.

  46. Thanks Anne for all the effort you have put in to produce the news letter. Much appreciated !

  47. John Miskin John Miskin says:

    Just finished reading the news letter. Margaret’s achievements are amazing. I was one of the volunteers for the Para Badminton World Championships 2015. After 2 days training I started line judging. Wish I done it sooner.
    Well done Anne, I just love reading about the early days of line judging.
    John Miskin

  48. says:

    Thank you for the info


  49. says:

    Thank you for the info.


  50. Thanks Vicky, all information gratefully received!
    Best regards ,
    Sue Oldershaw

  51. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    Thanks for the info Vicky.

  52. Thanks for the info Vicky. Chris steeden.

  53. craig muir craig muir says:

    Hi Vicky. Got an email from badminton england asking for volunteers for this. Should I complete or wait to hear from you specifically about line judges?
    Best wishes

    • Dear Craig,

      Please ignore this, it isn’t a line judge expression of interest request, that will come shortly but will be directly from our association.


  54. I would like the same team as 2021. They worked well and efficiently

  55. says:

    I would like to apply for the position of Deputy Manager because I believe that I have all the relevant experience required for this position.

    I have knowledge of the BLJA members as I have been on the Committee for several years.

  56. May the best team win, which if previous years is anything to go by, they certainly will

  57. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    We have a winning formula.

  58. Rajesh Rahul Rajesh Rahul says:

    Thank you for
    The update.

  59. hi Abby i would like to attend this event

  60. Sue Mobsby Sue Mobsby says:

    I can be there Abby – Sue Mobsby

  61. craig muir craig muir says:

    Many thanks Vicky

  62. Hi Abby, I’m free on 1st August. I would like to volunteer for this event.

    Many thanks ,

    Bernard Lorenzo

  63. says:

    Hello Ladies
    I have completed the form and sent it.
    Hope you have received it and please kindly consider giving me the opportunity to line judge.
    I shall make a concerted effort to do my utmost level best to do line judging at the best of my ability and know-how.
    Thank you for your kind and sympathetic consideration.


  64. says:

    Please count me in.


  65. says:

    Hi Abby
    I realised that I just forgot to mention that I am still on crutches since I had a major Right Hip Bone surgery a result of a fall at work.
    However, I may or may not be on crutches on the day of the Senior Gold Tournament.
    I thought that I should inform you, so that you are aware, though I would still love to line judge.
    Thank you for your support.


  66. Andy Baxter Andy Baxter says:

    Hi Suzanne and Mike
    I’m sorry but at present I am unavailable for this one as I hope to be reunited with my son his wife and my 2 grandsons. they are hoping to fly into Heathrow from Germany that week… Fingers crossed as all depends on Covid restrictions.
    I hope all goes well with the Nationals…Good luck. see you soon

  67. says:

    I would like to line judge at the above mentioned Tournament.
    I am on the crutches at the moment as a result of a fall at work causing a broken right hip bone injury.
    However, I may or may not be off the crutches on the days of the Tournament.
    NB: Hopefully, I hope with gods grace I am off them and able to participate, and will do my utmost level best to line judge to the best of my ability and knowhow.

    Thank you both kindly for your kind support.

    • Dear Kaushik,

      You cannot apply to be a Line Judge using Comments to a Post, you have to fill in the Application Form and in the Comments field, provide additional information.


  68. says:

    I will keep updating you both of my progress.


  69. Rajesh Rahul Rajesh Rahul says:

    Hi, I have had issues on here please can you let me know if you had my first request to add me on for the interest for the Nationals. I did this few weeks ago, I have not had acknowledgment, thanks and regards Rajesh Rahul

  70. Tony Godfrey Tony Godfrey says:

    Well spotted Horace. I see they are still wearing ties. When was the last time we had to wear them at the All England?
    Tony Godfrey

  71. I noticed on the first day the players were slipping & falling in two of your matches. Were you on Mopping ! !

  72. says:

    Hello Abby
    I hope you are well and safe.
    I thought I should inform you that although I have started my physio sessions, I don’t think I should risk taking part in the tournament.
    My sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.
    Thank you so much for your support.

  73. Selections have been made and emails sent out.
    Please check your inbox and junk and respond via email.

  74. What are the dates of these please, unless I have missed them

  75. Andrew Elias Andrew Elias says:

    French and Belgium Opens taking place in the same week?? Coronavirus seemingly still continues to do/cause strange things to happen …..

  76. I thought both France and Belgium are back on the red list, thus necessitating quarantine on return to the UK

  77. Keith Tovey Keith Tovey says:

    Hi Himanshu, the above link to Mikes email appears to have an incorrect email address, I replied and it bounced back. Kind regards, Keith.

  78. Keith Tovey Keith Tovey says:

    I have, works fine now, thank you.

  79. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    I am on holidays that week unfortunately.

  80. Hi Himanshu, lovely to see you yesterday. Can you put in to line judge on 19th September U19 Gold

  81. Please can you let me know What is dates for all above and where events? you can send me email or text.

  82. Hi Vicky,
    This is Srinivas Parthasarathy, I am one of the Line Judge. I am not sure if I had put my name forward. Can you please check and let me know if I am in the Mix? if not, can I put my name forward.

    Warm Regards,

  83. I have known Rizvan for over 10 years, and he was a very knowledgeable and genuine gentleman.
    He had a great sense of humor, a person I called my friend and my elder brother, I will miss him a lot.
    Still quite shocked by this sudden loss, as I saw him 2 weeks ago at the Nationals, where he looked well, and was his usual joking self.
    God bless and RIP mota bhai

  84. Sue Mobsby Sue Mobsby says:

    Ahh Rizzy – what a lovely man you were. We had many many laughs over the years. He will be sorely missed by all in the badminton world. My condolences to his family with hope that smiles will be back eventually when all those happy memories come to mind.

  85. I was deeply shocked to hear the sad news about Rizvan. I have known him for around 28 years through Line Judging and have found him to be a kind hearted person who would always want to help out where he could. He was a person who had a deep love for the sport of Badminton and was always keen to assist in the Training programme from the early days and will be greatly missed.
    RIP Rizvan. It has been a pleasure to know you and thank you for the service you have given to our sport.
    Gerry Lewcock
    National Training Co-ordinator
    Badminton Line Judges Association of England

  86. Paul Kodiatt Paul Kodiatt says:

    Real shock….we had so many laughs…helpful with everything…we will miss him.. RIP my friend..

  87. Dionne Curd Dionne Curd says:

    My deepest condolescences to the entire family. I pray the Lords Peace and Hope and Faith during this tough time. What a great guy Rizvan was! He would have me in stitches. You will be greatly missed my friend!!

  88. Dionne Curd Dionne Curd says:

    Hi Margaret
    Just enquiring on the Denmark event and LJs needed
    what’s the dates on this one and what expenses are needed for us to pay

  89. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    I have already accepted the invitation to be there.

  90. Hi Gerry,
    I’m interested in volunteering for this event , it is just near to where I live.


    Bernardino Lorenzo

  91. Vicky Hatton Vicky Hatton says:

    This is such a lovely, friendly event – I know Scotland really need our help with numbers to make sure the event runs, so please consider putting yourselves forward!

  92. Paul Kodiatt Paul Kodiatt says:

    Love to attend this..unfortunately have to go away for a family matter..

  93. John Walsh John Walsh says:

    Hi I have applied for this event but have not had any response if I have been accepted. John

  94. Hi Himanshu, please put me in .

  95. The CE’s rise and fall was way too heavily involved with the rise and fall of the Adcocks
    No other players received that kind of support
    Thank goodness they are all gone and a new era can begin

  96. I’ll be spreading the word, & have set it to record on the day. Looking forwards to seeing the team do well.

  97. Brussy famous Did !!!!! You !!!! Do !!!!! Well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done all of you , at lest you were on TV I am looking forward to see how Tim Andrew, Anne and Simon give answer Vow.

  98. says:


  99. Sorry the link does not work !

  100. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    I will be available.

  101. Hi Depend on time of start, I am available for this event. if it is early then no. 4 hr drive to MK and 4 hr back. so I come by train
    Yunus Suleman

  102. Rajesh Rahul Rajesh Rahul says:

    Hi, please put me down for the event on the 12th December. Raj

  103. Rajesh Rahul Rajesh Rahul says:

    Hi all I am available that’s week please let me know. Raj

    • Hi Raj,

      You cannot register for any event by making a comment, you must complete and submit the registration form for all events.

      Happy New Year

  104. Abby Kumar Abby Kumar says:

    Rajesh, could you please reply via the Current Event Requests Page, thanks.

  105. Hi Abby, This is Srini and I would like to volunteer…I am unable to use the current events requests page..

  106. Can you please confirm the date of this event. The screen that displays the Event Announcement is dated 12 November 2021. The screen that displays Current Event Requests is dated 12 December 2021.

  107. Can you tell me what time this event starts and finishes please

  108. Thanks Himanshu what time does the event normally finish?

  109. Sue Mobsby Sue Mobsby says:

    Sorry can’t help at the next two tournaments in MJ. Family birthdays!

  110. Andrew Elias Andrew Elias says:

    I’m slightly confused in that it’s not immediately clear to me if you are asking for “Expressions of Interest” for any of the Oversea’s Tournaments listed above … {especially as none of them seem to be currently listed on the ‘Current Events Page’}?? In my case I’d be VERY interested in applying for the Thomas/Uber Cup Finals in Bangkok! … {Covid conditions permitting, etc}.

  111. It does say at the top “For information only – please not not reply”

  112. Hi Margaret, I would like to purchase a BLJAE top please. The size is large. Many thanks. Charles Cheung

  113. craig muir craig muir says:

    Hi Margaret. I’d like an xl top please. Best wishes, craig

  114. Wing Tsui Wing Tsui says:


    I am interested to be one of line judge for this tournament.

    If you have a space for me, please let me know ASAP.

    Kind Regards


  115. Anne Spencer Anne Spencer says:

    Well done Anne; . so pleased that you took up the challange to edit the News letters. Thanks.
    Seasons Greetings to all
    Anne Spencer .

  116. Brilliant as always Anne.

    Happy Christmas everyone and and safe and healthy 2022. It’s going to be busy. 🙂

  117. Andrew Elias Andrew Elias says:

    Yep, another good read … {and not just the article I wrote, lol}. One thing for Himanshu : Abby wrote this in his piece : “We now have a list of confirmed national events
    to May 2022 (see the BLJAofE website)”. Are we due an update soon maybe early in the new year??

    • Dear Andrew,

      Please refer to our web site and scroll down to the entry titled “FYI Only: Upcoming National Events (up to May 2022)”.


  118. Sue Mobsby Sue Mobsby says:

    I can help in Nottingham!! Sue Mobsby

  119. Kevin OBrien Kevin OBrien says:

    Wishing you all the best and hopefully see you all soon!!

  120. Tom Cantle Tom Cantle says:

    Happy New Year to all

  121. Andrew Elias Andrew Elias says:

    I may be free for this one – will check for time off work next week. Never been to Nottingham before … just want to check on the of the actual badminton venue as I know some University Campuses can tend to ‘sprawl out’ over large areas. Can anyone give me a more detailed address and postcode so I can check this before possibly applying?? Regards, Andrew

  122. Thanks, and all the very best to all, Sue

  123. Well done again to the committee, looking forward to a healthier New Year for all.

  124. Andy Baxter Andy Baxter says:

    Well done to all on the committee. In spite of all the restrictions you have had fabulous year and managed to put on a number of events ibckuding the All Englands congratulations to all.
    I wish everyone everybody a happy new year and all the very best for 2022.

  125. Abby Kumar Abby Kumar says:

    Thank you all for your very kind responses. We do appreciate the feedback. The All England is again proving to be challenging because of the current situation. However, we look forward to the summer and the Commonwealth Games. My personal thanks to the organisers of these 2 events, and also to all the other Committee members, who are all working hard to keep the Association moving forward.
    Abby Kumar, President

  126. Please put me in, hoping the restrictions allow.

    • Dear Doug,

      You cannot volunteer for an event using a Reply/Comment for a Post.
      Read the Post and complete the relevant Registration Form.


  127. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    I am available

    • Dear Ruben,

      You cannot apply for an event with a comment, read the registration page, it states this very clearly.
      Please fill in the registration form my friend.


  128. Mike Spear Mike Spear says:

    I agree with Margaret we have some really good new LJs who would benefit from being selected for Semi’s and finals. I believe Kate has this sorted.

    On the recruitment front can we ask BE if we could have an opportunity to have a recruitment stall in the foyer for AE. I’m sure we could use a training video for people to make the call

  129. Kate Rowlatt Kate Rowlatt says:

    We can only select people for semi / finals if they express an interest in doing them. Many dont put their names forward as there is alot of waiting around for few mstches or would prefer to have the weekend with their families.

  130. Abby Kumar Abby Kumar says:

    In my report I have highlighted the need for organising training courses in areas where future major events will be held. I discussed the matter with Kate yesterday. Two such areas are Sheffield, where the International Para event will be held in 2023, and Birmingham, where the All England Juniors will (hopefully) become an annual event from 2023. I will contact Mark Downie to ask for a Zoom meeting asap with Kate and myself to discuss what help BE can give us. I will suggest that they ask Regional Officers to help with recruitment.
    Kate suggested that we contact the umpires association to enquire whether it would it would be possible for them to advise those who didn’t pass the umpire course to contact the BLJAofE if they wished to try another line of officiating. I will contact Martin Davis and Ian Collett to discuss this.

  131. Vicky Hatton Vicky Hatton says:

    This is such an important topic and one where we really must take some action. The umpires are in a similar position, albeit very slightly ahead of us in taking some action to address the issue, and it’s worth reading across to what they have been doing, either to learn what might work, or even to join forces where appropriate.
    As this topic has been raised, I think we should keep the momentum up and try and organise a short Zoom discussion specifically covering this area (say 30 mins one evening?) for those who have some ideas and/or want to get involved

  132. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    Thanks for the notice. I have expressed my availability but can’t see my name on the list. I will be there in any case.

  133. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    I am available.

  134. Anne Spencer Anne Spencer says:

    As I was one of the founder members I am pleased to see that the association is still active. long may it continue. Regards Anne Spencer.

  135. Andy Baxter Andy Baxter says:

    Hi all. I am sorry, but I will not be able attend the AGM zoom as I will be line judging at the Swiss open.

  136. Sue Mobsby Sue Mobsby says:

    I’ll be there! Sue Mobsby

  137. Do we have a start time yet as I may need to arrange accommodation

  138. Kevin OBrien Kevin OBrien says:

    Hi guys, had to change to apologies. Have a great meeting

  139. Congratulations everyone.

  140. Kevin OBrien Kevin OBrien says:

    Woop woop. Well done everyone

  141. Rajesh Rahul Rajesh Rahul says:

    Well done everyone

  142. Andy Baxter Andy Baxter says:

    Congratulations to all. Well done on your assessments results. A great effort all round. See you l very soon somewhere on the circuit.

  143. Congratulations to all hope you have good time and enjoye line judges,

  144. Sorry guys missing you all, umpiring at Milton Keynes for premiership weekend.

  145. John Walsh John Walsh says:

    Well done everyone

  146. Congratulations to all concerned.
    Having seen you all progress so much over the past few years, I am very glad to see your efforts and skills being rewarded.
    See you soon!

  147. Sorry I did not make it, umpiring in Perth that day

  148. Is the list of LJs up to date as I will be attending and my name isnt currently displayed?

  149. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    Congratulations to you all. We’ll done. “Call it as you see it”

  150. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    My apologies, completely missed the day following family commitment

  151. Where’s “I know my place “ photo !

  152. Very sorry to read this post but, more importantly, really hope everything is OK with Martin – lovely man
    I wish him all the very best in his future endeavours
    Kathleen Cashmore

  153. Tim Leakey Tim Leakey says:

    Very sorry to hear that as Martin done an excellent job for the association. I wish him all the best

  154. Many thanks to Martin for his dedication to the role of secretary over the last 5 years. He will be a tough act to follow. Is the Committee aware, from e.g. his resignation e-mail, of any particular issues or concerns about how BLJAE operates which might have caused him to take this decision?. Having spoken to him at the Hampshire senior Gold tournament last Sunday, prior to his resignation, I’m aware that he is also very busy with his other sporting commitments (tennis & football).

  155. Sorry to hear that news,


  156. I to was talking to Martin at Winchester, he is very busy with other sporting commitments, but I do wish him well

  157. I’m very envious! Well played Paul ,

  158. Paul Kodiatt Paul Kodiatt says:

    Thanks Sue..He was very humble and spoke to us as if one of us….

  159. craig muir craig muir says:

    It’s too late for me no doubt, and I understand that the age limit is a BWF thing not BLJofE, but such an arbitrary age limit is illegal in English law, certainly in the context of employment. It seems to me that a court would conclude it is also illegal for volunteer positions. There is a well organised assessment process for line judges. This would provide an objective and legally and morally defensible filter to weed out any line judges without the right competences. I believe at the very least this argument should be put to BWF . They might change their mind but at the very least they should be asked to justify this arbitrary, discriminatory age limit.

  160. A lovely gentleman, who I became good friends with as we did the same LJ Training Course in October 2012, and we both loved our gadgets.
    I shared many AE and other tournaments with him, always a great pleasure to see Kong.
    I was sorry to see him leave us for the USA, and now he is no longer with us, I miss him even more 🙁
    I know his laughter and infectious smile will be missed by all the LJs & Umpires that knew him.
    RIP my dear friend, you left us far too early!

  161. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    So sorry to hear the sad news, he always has a smile when we meet and chat, my condolences to all the family.

    • George Koshy George Koshy says:

      So sad to hear this. Had more than one dinner with him in Akbar’s , he always had a smile and handled his spice well. May he rest in peace….

  162. Very saddened and shocked to hear the sad news about Kong especially as he was a still relatively young person. . He was trained by myself and Abby at Wimbledon in 2012 and went on to attend many events as described by Abby and became a valued member of our Line Judge family..

    I will miss my chats and laughs with him which we had when we met at events as he was a very likable and easy going person and always greeted you with a smile.. On the professional side, he had a doctorate in Computer Science so we would also enjoy our in depth technical chats on occasions.

    It was a pleasure to have known Kong and he will be greatly missed by all that have known him.

    R.I.P. My Friend
    National Training Co-ordinator BLJA of E

  163. Mike Spear Mike Spear says:

    Very sad news and taken far too young. As already said he was a lovely and smiley person.

    RIP Kong you will be missed by many

  164. Rajesh Rahul Rajesh Rahul says:

    I am so sad to hear of the passing of dear Kong, such a lovely man always smiling and laughing at my silly jokes and teasing. Always made the AEO fun place be. You are in my thoughts buddy, love goes out to the family, Rest up.

  165. A great shock to hear Kong had passed away, he was the perfect gentleman and a delightful person to have as a friend.
    Wonderful conversations.
    I cannot believe it was 2019 when we sat together watching the finals of All England, that was the last time we met.
    Rest in peace Kong you have left a lasting legacy behind you and inspired so many.
    Sadly missed I will always remember your smile.

  166. Paul Kodiatt Paul Kodiatt says:

    Very sad to hear this. RIP my friend…

  167. Dionne Curd Dionne Curd says:

    My condolescences to the family. Gods peace be with u during this tough time xx

  168. Tim Leakey Tim Leakey says:

    Such a shock to hear this sad news about Kong – he was always so jolly, laughing and joking. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

  169. Janet Smith Janet Smith says:

    Lovely friendly guy. RIP

  170. RIP Susanto. It always nice to having a chat at badminton events as a line judge and umpire. Will miss. May God bless your soul. xxx

  171. Lovely words. Thank you Kristin.
    Kong will be very sadly missed. He was a wonderful gentleman.

  172. I will miss a gentle friend

  173. Marilyn Bray Marilyn Bray says:

    Good to see mention of Gill Gilks’ playing partner Margaret Beck in the article. I had forgotten that. Margaret of course is from West Cumbria. It seems that every now and again our sparsely populated northern county produces some star players, Lauren Smith being another. And in the men’s veteran game the evergreen Harry Shadwick!

  174. Don Bullough Don Bullough says:

    Like everyone else, so sad to hear this news – Kong was such a delightful character.

  175. RIP my friend.

  176. Sorry I cannot help at this event, due to volunteering in Nottingham at the World Canoe Championships

  177. Kevin OBrien Kevin OBrien says:

    Well done Mike

  178. Tony Godfrey Tony Godfrey says:

    Good news for the Association. Hope you enjoy the job.

  179. Andy Baxter Andy Baxter says:

    Great news. Congratulations and well done Mike.
    I feel we are in safe hands once again
    Thank you

  180. Sue Mobsby Sue Mobsby says:

    Well done Mike!! 👏👏

  181. Keith Tovey Keith Tovey says:

    Good news. Thank you Mike, well done!

  182. David Dodds David Dodds says:

    Well Done Mike

  183. Congratulations Mike on the new appointment, wishing you every success

  184. Paul Booth Paul Booth says:

    Thank you, Mike.

  185. Well done and thank you for taking up this roll.


  186. The chairperson’s report is missing.

    • Andrew Elias Andrew Elias says:

      So are my ‘apologies’ for not being able to attend which I sent in by email … but of course I accept the missing Chairperson’s Report is of greater importance, lol?!

  187. Well done Abby. Well deserved

  188. Tom Cantle Tom Cantle says:

    Well done Abby. It is well deserved

  189. Paul Kodiatt Paul Kodiatt says:

    Congratulations..very happy to learn this..

  190. Paul Booth Paul Booth says:

    Great, Abby – well done and thanks for all your work for BLJA over so many years

  191. Kevin OBrien Kevin OBrien says:

    Nice one Abby, well done.

  192. Anne Spencer Anne Spencer says:

    Congratulations Abby
    Anne spencer

  193. Congrats you deserve it.

  194. John Walsh John Walsh says:

    Congratulations Abby

  195. Janet Smith Janet Smith says:

    Well deserved Abby. Congratulations.

  196. Sue Mobsby Sue Mobsby says:

    Something you deserve Abby – many congratulations. X Sue Mobsby

  197. Congratulations Abby. A well deserved nomination.

  198. Tony Godfrey Tony Godfrey says:

    This is very good news and ensures line judge representation at the top level. 😊

  199. Andy Baxter Andy Baxter says:

    This is wonderful news. Congratulations Abby, it is fitting recognition and well deserved, all your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Well done.🤗👍

  200. John Hooper John Hooper says:

    Well done, congratulations

  201. Really pleased for you Abby, no one deserves it more.

  202. John Miskin John Miskin says:

    Well done and definitely deserved.

  203. Abby Kumar Abby Kumar says:

    Dear Friends, I am so overwhelmed by the responses received since Kate posted the news. Thank you all so much, I will treasure your kind comments. Badminton England have been very kind in voting me into this position, and I am delighted that I can continue to attend BE meetings and have a say in its administration. In recent years Kate has joined me in meetings with the BE CEO and Chairman, and we also work closely with Mark Downie and Chris Miller on major and national events. This is good for our Association, and it keeps us on BE’s radar. I know that we have sufficient talent in our committee for us to continue this close link with BE into the future. Thank you all so much. My best wishes to you, and your families, for a safe and healthy future.

  204. Look forward to a 3:00 am finish again !

  205. Well done, Abby! A long time coming and very much deserved. Congrats.

  206. Tony Godfrey Tony Godfrey says:

    I see that the BWF have upped the prize money to $1 million and Super 1000 status has also been granted to China, Indonesia and Malaysia. I’m guessing that they want to split the first round over two days to bring in extra revenue. But if they want to expand by having an extra round, Martin’s nightmare may become true.

  207. Great news Abby, well done

  208. Well done Abby and so well deserved.

  209. Well done everyone, you all did all of us proud!. I wonder if anyone can help, if any of you who were at Birmingham have a spare polo shirt medium size, please could you consider sending it to me – I will of course pay postage

  210. It was an absolute privilege to be part of such an amazing team x

  211. Tom Cantle Tom Cantle says:

    Yes i agree with all above. My thanks to the terrible trio of Vickty, Kate and Suzanne who ran the shop well. Good time had by all (except those in purgutory)

  212. Not sure if this an event that happened in June or one that’s happening in September

  213. Hi Mike I am interested in line judging in this event. Reggie

  214. Hi Mike I am interested in line judging at this event

    • Mike Spear Mike Spear says:

      Srinivas could you please log in and request via the events page, so I get the email expression of interest



  215. Wing Tsui Wing Tsui says:

    Hi Mike I am interested in Line Judging at this event. (From Wing Tsui)

  216. Andy Baxter Andy Baxter says:

    Hi Mike
    I’m interested in this event please consider me for selection

    • Mike Spear Mike Spear says:

      Andy could you please log in and request via the events page, so I get the email expression of interest



  217. Andy Baxter Andy Baxter says:

    Hi Himanshu
    Wow that is a comprehensive view of what happened in Birmingham.
    I has a ball at the Commonwealth Games It was a pleasure to work and share with a great bunch of people.
    I would have liked to say “ You missed a bit” but you didn’t. fab memories.
    Well done .

  218. Chen Cheng Chen Cheng says:

    Great pictures Himanshu, thanks for sharing!

  219. Kate Rowlatt Kate Rowlatt says:

    Its great to see how much you can pack into 2 weeks.

  220. WOW brilliant xx

  221. Sue Mobsby Sue Mobsby says:

    I can help at this event Mike if you need more judges! Sue M

  222. John Walsh John Walsh says:

    Can you please put my name forward for this event.
    Thanks John

  223. I’m available for both days with overnight stay.

  224. Chen Cheng Chen Cheng says:

    Para championship is on the 11th Dec, which is the same day as the Senior Nationals?

  225. Abby Kumar Abby Kumar says:

    Yes, that is correct. It is Badminton England’s scheduling.

  226. It’s a shame, I would like to have volunteered for the para championships, but cannot travel on the 10th, so cannot get to Sheffield for the 11th

  227. Cheng Li Cheng Li says:

    Do we have a rough idea about schedule/finish time on the 11th Dec for the Senior Nationals?

  228. Abby Kumar Abby Kumar says:

    No firm timings as yet Cheng, but I am working on 09.00 start and 16.00 finish. I am liaising with BE to get full details confirmed by end of Sept. I will get back to all those who have expressed an interest by that time.

  229. Andy Baxter Andy Baxter says:

    Please consider me for selection

  230. Paul Kodiatt Paul Kodiatt says:

    My son Alex Kodiatt is interested in becoming a Line Judge. Pl let me know next steps. Thank you

    • Kate Rowlatt Kate Rowlatt says:

      Paul, your son can apply via this website – how to become a line judge, and details of courses will be sent through to him. Thanks

  231. Excellent memories Himanshu, thank you

  232. I have already applied, but need to change my availability – now only available for the 17th and 18th

  233. Tom Cantle Tom Cantle says:

    Dates shown on the current events page for the Welsh Intl show start date as 26th November. Above notification shows start date as 29th November ?

  234. Hi Kate can you send some details about line judging to Manjula, Nagraj and Tanvi to There will probably be 3 of them. Also to Aparna maganty at thanks

  235. Sue Mobsby Sue Mobsby says:

    Well done Mike. The new haircut sealed it!! Sue M

  236. Pete Goadby Pete Goadby says:

    Well done and well deserved

  237. George Koshy George Koshy says:

    Congratulations Mike, well done…

  238. Congratulations young man, welcome to the BWF ITO Club.

  239. Simon Ewins Simon Ewins says:

    Congratations Mike , excellent news!

  240. Keith Tovey Keith Tovey says:

    Congratulations Mike, well deserved

  241. Paul Booth Paul Booth says:

    Congratulations, Mike. Well done.

  242. Tony Godfrey Tony Godfrey says:

    Look forward to seeing you on BWF TV. Congrats Mike.

  243. Andy Baxter Andy Baxter says:

    Congratulations Mike. I hope you get selections as good as mine. I have had a wonderful time with BWF. Enjoy

  244. Congratulations Mike… Well deserved..

  245. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    Hey Mike, congratulations.

  246. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    Please consider me for this event when dates are confirmed

  247. Kevin OBrien Kevin OBrien says:

    Big shoes to fill!! Congrats on setting the standard for the future Kate.

  248. George Koshy George Koshy says:

    It was great working with you over the years, was looking forward to seeing you this time as well. Good luck with everything…

  249. Thanks Kate for everything you have done xx

  250. John Walsh John Walsh says:

    Congratulations Mike

  251. John Walsh John Walsh says:

    Thanks for all your hard work, will miss you

  252. Andy Baxter Andy Baxter says:

    It has been a great pleasure working with you and for you over the years. Congratulations on your achievements with Badminton England with regards to the Line Judge and AE tournament itself for the last seven years. You will be a hard act to follow.
    I hope you will still join us on the lines.

  253. Janet Smith Janet Smith says:

    Well done Kate, always calm and approachable. Thanks for all your hard work.

  254. Tom Cantle Tom Cantle says:

    i have nothing extra to add to all the above accoladaes. We will miss you

  255. It’s been fabulous working with you Kate as your deputy. I’ve learnt so much from you; not only about the event but about how to interact with our wonderful linejudges, the umpires and Referees and the BE staff.
    Like Abby says, your work load would be starting about now, so you’ve got some time available to fulfil other ambitions. Enjoy your well deserved break.
    Thank you.

  256. I hope the future works out for you, but good luck to your successor

  257. Sue Mobsby Sue Mobsby says:

    What will be do without you canal Kate!!!

  258. Thank you Kate, for all the years of hard work that you have put into making the All England Tournament a pleasurable experience for me. I really appreciate your efforts. will miss you Kate.
    Thank you

  259. I remember when I did my first AE event I felt very nervous but on meeting Kate and her team at the venue I knew I would be okay, as Kate and team were approachable. I have attended the AE a few times now and I know everything is so well organised and a great event to attend.
    Thanks for all your help over the years and will be missed.
    Thanks again Kate

  260. Kate , I know the stresses and I am extremely sorry you have made the decision to step down. I do hope that you will carry on as a line person. All the best and keep in touch.

  261. Paul Booth Paul Booth says:

    Kate, many thanks for all your hard work and efforts over the last six years – we go back a lot longer than that. It has been a pleasure working with you. You made the All England a really worthwhile experience and I am sure many of us are grateful for that. I wish you well for the future.

  262. Thank you, Kate, and best wishes !

  263. Anne Spencer Anne Spencer says:

    As usual an excellent news letter – thanks Anne M
    Anne S

  264. Paul Kodiatt Paul Kodiatt says:

    Excellent News Letter…Thank you..

  265. Chen Cheng Chen Cheng says:

    Thanks Anne. Does anyone know what brand were the synthetic feather shuttles used for the BWF tournaments?

    I like the idea of synthetic feather shuttles but haven’t found any that have been close enough to feathers for feel/flight.

  266. Anne Morden Anne Morden says:

    Yonex were the ones developed and approved with BWF so i assume they are the ones that would be used in BWF approved events. The shuttles do look very much like feather ones.
    Anne Morden

  267. Hi Abby,
    Congratulations you have my support , if you want it. Good to have you back

  268. Janet Smith Janet Smith says:

    Well done, Abby and Sue.

  269. Tony Godfrey Tony Godfrey says:

    Having just seen both messages, I sorry to see that Kate cannot continue, but it must be an arduous and time consuming job dealing with Badminton England and organising the judges for this premier event. Thanks to both Abby and Sue for stepping up to manage the AE line judges at short notice.

  270. Tony Godfrey Tony Godfrey says:

    Interesting article on artificial shuttles, but I wouldn’t be keen on making the goose redundant!

  271. George Koshy George Koshy says:

    All the very best Abby, happy to support in anyway…

  272. All the best Abby & Sue

  273. Vinay Kumar Vinay Kumar says:

    Thanks for sharing the news letter. Interesting topic about the sustainability of shuttles. Glad to know that badminton world is thinking and putting things into motion to make this sport more sustainable and economical.

    Change in right direction is good, although I agree on the point of difference in feel and trajectory. However if this change allows more clubs to survive and continue to play, it should be welcomed and promoted whole heartedly.

  274. Paul Kodiatt Paul Kodiatt says:

    Nice to see you back Abby…all support from me to you and the team…

  275. John Walsh John Walsh says:

    Hi unfortunately due to circumstances I will not be able to attend this event.

  276. Shamsu Uddin Shamsu Uddin says:

    Well come back Abbey and Sue

  277. Dionne Curd Dionne Curd says:

    Hi Abby
    I have applied for most of these not sure which ones u have accepted me on
    Do let me know when u get chance
    Dionne curd

  278. Abby Kumar Abby Kumar says:

    Hi Dionne, I will look into this asap and respond by email.

  279. Andy Baxter Andy Baxter says:

    Happy to have you back. Well done.

  280. Congratulations Abby and Sue!

  281. Sue Mobsby Sue Mobsby says:

    Sorry can’t find the EOI form (!!) but would like to be considered for the All England 2023

  282. Dear Sue,

    I see you found the “here” link 🙂

    H x

  283. I’ve completed the E01 form but don’t think the Submit button worked. Can my interest be acknowledged please. Thanks

  284. Hi Pam I did the same twice so I tried the 3rd time without a space for the mobile number.

  285. Abby Kumar Abby Kumar says:

    Sue and Reggie, I have received your forms.
    Pam, I am still awaiting yours.

  286. Abby Kumar Abby Kumar says:

    Thank you all for your messages of support. As I mentioned, we are all working together to deliver a successful tournament. That is the aim of all of us. With such great support, especially from Kate and Suzanne, I know we can do it!

  287. Kate Rowlatt Kate Rowlatt says:

    Thank you everyone for your kind words. It was a very difficult decision to make but I am still line judging, so I hope to see you all around the circuit soon. I wish Abby and Sue all the best for the 2023 All England, it’s a lot of hard work and stressful at times but I know you will deliver a great line judge experience at the All England next year.

  288. Wishing Abby and Sue all the very best in the running of this event.

  289. Abby Kumar Abby Kumar says:

    Pam, your form has been received.

  290. Wing Tsui Wing Tsui says:

    Hi Abby

    I cannot found the EOI form from web site — Can you send me a copy of the form?


    Wing Tsui

  291. Wing Tsui Wing Tsui says:

    Hi Abby

    Sorry – I found the form now

  292. Mike Spear Mike Spear says:

    Senior Nationals to those that have volunteered I will try and acknowledge your application on the weekend.

    Also need some additional LJs for Saturday evening if you could spare the time I would certainly appreciate it.


  293. Abby Kumar Abby Kumar says:

    Thanks Wing, I have received your form.

  294. Sue Mobsby Sue Mobsby says:

    I could help at the Under 19’s on Nov 27 Abby! I haven’t anything written down for that date so am OK! Sue M

  295. craig muir craig muir says:

    I could do 23 oct middx gold

  296. Kate,
    If you are desperately short then I can help on the 16th and 17th , but sorry it ismy anniversary on the 18th

  297. Mike Spear Mike Spear says:

    Pauline Martindale

    My email to you keeps getting bounced back, guess it’s your spam filter.

    Can you email please for the nationals



  298. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    Sure I will be available and expresses my interest.

  299. Ruben Nortey Ruben Nortey says:

    Hello Abby been hospitalised since the 3 October so I don’t think I will be available for the rest of the year. I have a 6-8 weeks recovery period after my discharge today.

  300. I cannot find the survey, the link above just gives the information about the survey

  301. Abby Kumar Abby Kumar says:

    Thanks Kate.
    All, please click on “simple survey” which is 6 lines down from the title heading. It is really important that we all fill in this survey in order to help Badminton England with their EDI Policy.

  302. Well I must be going mad, I cannot find the link either in the message above or the page saying what the Survey is about

  303. Paul Booth Paul Booth says:

    This is a really generous bequest by John and reflects his tremendous commitment over so many years to Badminton, BA of E, and in particular our Association of Line Judges. Thank you, John and I am sure the money will be used wisely in his name.

  304. I agree it was his idea, built and executed by him. just to start could we not have some title of this web site with his name and acknowledgement. Surely we could start by having something permanent to him.

  305. Marilyn Bray Marilyn Bray says:

    Better late than never to respond but as usual great newsletter. Birmingham did look wonderful snd I said to myself while watching that I hoped it was better organised than Glasgow which Horace touched on in his report. I was in the player info area amid reams of unnecessary paperwork that no team ever collected, the food was awful and i never saw any live badminton. That said. GLASGOW made the hassle well worth it, i met some great folk and thanks to Davina we had a lovely place to stay!!

  306. craig muir craig muir says:

    I’ll be in vietna. sorry

  307. I have already confirmed for Saturday , can you please confirm

  308. Paul Booth Paul Booth says:

    Very sorry, Mike – in New York!!

  309. Could you please pass on my condolences , as Doug was a great friend of mine, he is quite local to me and have known him for a very long time.
    By best wishes go to his family , his whit and companionship will be greatly missed.

  310. Tony Godfrey Tony Godfrey says:

    I’ve known Doug for almost 30 years, having seen him each year at the All England in Birmingham and a few other events. Doug never had a bad word to say and it was a pleasure to know him.

  311. Hi, so sorry to hear this sad news, could you please send condolences to his wife and family.
    I also knew Doug and he had been to Scotland a few times, also at the AE too.

  312. Such sad news, he will be sorely missed.

  313. Marilyn Bray Marilyn Bray says:

    Very sad news. Please pass on my condolences to Doug’s family. I have known Doug for many years through the AE,Scottish and other events and shared some good times, he was very good company.

  314. Sad news indeed. Doug was a true gentleman and a very kind soul. I knew him through the AE over many years. Please send my condolences to his family .

  315. Carol Webb Carol Webb says:

    Such sad news, known Doug since the days of Wembley. He was a true gentleman, and a cheerful since of humour. Please pass on our condolences (from the Volunteers team @ the AE.)

  316. Janet Smith Janet Smith says:

    Lovely man, always friendly and smiling. Condolences to his family

  317. very sad news he was good gentlemen and very friendly always have time to talk sadly missed him condolences 🙏 to his family 👪

  318. Very sad news indeed, a real gentlemen with a unique sense of humour, and I spent many a time discussing technology and various line judge rules an behavior. I hope he RIP and my deepest condolences to his family.

  319. I remember meeting Doug at my first ever tournament abroad in Basel, Switzerland where we shared a room. He was a regular visitor there and I think it was one of his favourite tournaments. In addition to the badminton. He was a lovely soft spoken gentleman. I too send my condolences to his widow and family. RIP Doug.